A Fullon Fastpitch Bat Review

You need this fastpitch bat review whether you're working your way through the minors, struggling to make an Olympic squad, or just enjoying yourself in a local league. There are dozens of bats on the market, so you need to be able to tell the wheat from the chaff, the home runs from the foul balls.Where else should we start but the granddaddy of baseball bat manufacturers, Louisville Slugger.

Their latest lineup of fastpitch bats is a who's who of bats. Start with the 2005 Louisville Slugger Warrior Adult Baseball Bat. At a weight of -3, this bat is made from an exclusive Alcoa aluminum alloy. The Warrior alloy gets a proprietary heat treatment that affords the bat an incredible and unparalleled level of strength.

In fact, the Warrior is the strongest alloy ever used by Louisville.An old-favorite in most fastpitch bat review articles, the Louisville Slugger Omaha XS Adult baseball bat is back for its seventh production run. The Omaha was first introduced in 1998, and it's as good as ever. Its Scandium XS alloy from Alcoa carries with it the utmost in performance potential and durability thanks to its proprietary heat treatment. With a weight of -3, the Omaha matches college and high school BESR bat standards.The Louisville Slugger 2004 TPX Response bat comes with its own exclusive aluminum alloy as well, the GEN1X with Scandium.

GEN1X with Scandium is a blend of all the great traits of both GEN1X and Scandium, durability and the best alloy-strengthening additive made for baseball bats. This gives the Response a balance, thickness, and power that you'll find hard to match in other baseball bats.Of course, this fastpitch bat review is by far not complete. But you definitely cannot go wrong with one of these three superb Louisville Slugger models. Unless you're a pro.

In that case, sorry, you cannot benefit from the high-tech aluminum alloys!.

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