Dont Get in a Tangle

OK so I get the 3 meter kite out ?unwind the lines and find there's a thousand twists in the lines. The wind grabs the kite and there's a perfect tight ball of knitting which takes me 3 hours to unravel!.After this happened for the third time I came up with a way of packing a kite based on the parachute approach. This allows me to use the kite without tangles every time!.

OK here's what you do.The next time you go to pack the kite away attach the flying lines to your ground stake ? you can actually use those "giant cork screws" you can buy at Wal-Mart for tethering a dog too?.Allow the kite to stream down wind.Go to the kite and stuff it loosely into the kite bag.Then stuff the lines loosely on top of it section by section until to arrive back at the handles.

Leave the handles secured to the outside of the bag.When you come to use the kite again reverse the procedure.Attach the handles to the spike, slowly pay out the kite line, extract the kite from it's bag and allow it to inflate then check all lines are clear.Walk back to the handles and you will have a kite ready to fly with no tangled lines ?in seconds.

.James Roberts a mad Kite Flier who runs a small website devoted to Traction Kites.

By: James Roberts


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Dont Get in a Tangle - OK so I get the 3 meter kite out ?unwind the lines and find there?s a thousand twists in the lines.