Athletes Use Subliminal Perception as Part of Their Training Regime

An athlete does not just have to go through endless grueling training regimes teamed with special diets full of carbohydrates, proteins, and everything else energy-full ? they have to 'mentally prepare' the body too.On hearing the term 'mental preparation' being used, it makes you wonder what it means.Mental preparation motivates and manipulates an athletes mind, allowing them to form a more positive attitude, and it is used as part of an athlete's daily routine however, many different methods are available to use and the coach no doubt needs to research the best alternative therapies available for the individual they are training.

For a long time, the history of an athlete has included mental training using forms of psychology which is used on the inner mind, the subconscious mind, which controls attitudes and personality and is said to be able to alter the athletes' technique and concentration by improving on thought processes that control the way the athlete moves thinks and therefore moves.Sportsmen and sportswomen are subjected to hours and hours of training regimes to help them achieve their dreams, be it attending the Olympics or winning for their team. No doubt a grueling regime can become routine and rigid, and the average person would give up so very easily.

But what about the mental preparation an athlete must perform? This perhaps doesn't get as much focus as the physical aspect of their preparation. You know what I'm talking about. The mental hurdle a tennis player must overcome to break serve. The pressure a team must bear when heavy favourites.By using psychology within a training schedule that person is presumably given an increased chance of succeeding and not giving up on a lifetime of hard work.

Wanting to achieve certain targets in the first place is one thing, but actually training and performing to reach that target is another that needs dedication, practice, concentration and ability. Hypnotism and acupuncture are possibilities to altering your mental approach to the way you want it.Another form is subliminal programming. Let's talk more in detail about this method seeing as it's having increasing popularity. To most of us Subliminal Programming rings a bell in the form of those weight loss tapes while you sleep that used to be around.

Nowadays its in the form of software which is important because the user now has the ability to custom make their message. An athlete would then program a message like "my opponent is only human" in the aim of embedding this belief into their subconscious, affecting their aggression their confidence.It could seem that with this realization the importance of mental conditioning has found an all new importance. Products like Subliminal PC and Brain Bullet promote software that allows users to boost self-esteem, confidence and performance.

This type of programming is intended to instill new beliefs or over-ride negative thoughts or existing fears.It is highly interesting when we think of an athlete that we think of talent and stamina, although we have to remember that as we work an athlete trains and this is perhaps their vocation. It can be hard to feel that we are following a vocation unless we really enjoy it and are rewarded at the end of the day, although one would imagine that an athlete does not gain any kind of reward until they have fine tuned their skills and can enter into various competitions.

It is only then that they can compete and compare themselves to others from around the country, or worldwide, and even then they can find that they do not achieve standards expected.This is why it can be so difficult to work to become an athlete and by imagining ourselves in their shoes we can get a small idea of the rituals they must go through and therefore we can see just how hard it is to be an athlete and how mental stimulation can really help. Coaches will invest in an athletes training to reap the benefits later down the line, ensuring that the sportsman or woman has to be truly dedicated.

Make judgment for yourself by researching the many different options available to an athlete, or an individual for that matter. But sports preparation and athletic training is just one area where subliminal programming is used. More common uses are for things like weight loss, quitting smoking, confidence in the boardroom etc? Feel free to visit for further information relating to the subliminal software mentioned earlier.


Based in the United Kingdom and still a young writer at 26 years old, Louisa Taberner Croft has been completing articles very recently as a part-time interest, although plans on pursuing her interest further as her creative and factual writing styles develop and become more established.Louisa would also like to give thanks to http://www.subliminalpc.

com and for their information and references.

By: Louisa Croft


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