Boat Trailer Rentals

It is important to choose the proper trailer for a boat as more damage can be done to a boat by the stresses of road travel than by normal operation.A boat hull is perfectly designed so as to be supported evenly by water. So, while transporting on a trailer, the boat should be supported structurally as evenly across the hull as possible. This allows for even distribution of the weight of the hull, engine and equipment. The trailer should be long enough to support the whole length of the hull as well as short enough to allow the lower unit of the boats engine to extend freely.

It is important for the rollers and bolsters must be kept in good condition to prevent scratching and gouging of the hull. Adjust the tie-downs and lower unit supports properly to prevent the boat from bouncing on the trailer. Secure the bow eye on the boat with a rope, chain or turnbuckle in addition to the winch cable. It might be a safer option to tie additional straps across the beam of the boat.

It should be noted that the capacity of the trailer must be greater than the combined weight of the boat, motor, and equipment. The rented tow vehicle must be capable of handling the weight of the trailer, boat, equipment, as well as the weight of the passengers and equipment that will be carried inside.When launching the boat, keep the rear wheels of the trailer vehicle out of the water, to ensure that the exhaust is out of the water.

It is smart to ensure someone else on shore is holding the lines attached to the boat. Lower the motor, start the boat motor and make sure water is passing through the engine cooling system, then release the winch and disconnect the line from the bow when the boat operator is ready. The boat is ready to be launched with a light shove or by backing off the trailer under power.Some of the trailers are built of aluminum and are of a sturdy quality.

These can be rented, instead of bought when required. Some of the trailers cannot be used to transport pontoons over long distances. Please inquire before renting a trailing truck.

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By: Elizabeth Morgan


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