Fountain Power Boats

Fountain power boats have a motto that says, " the world's fastest, smoothest, safest, best-handling and most dependable boats!" Proven on race courses around the world for over 25 years, this is one boat that deserves a serious look. Imagine a team of dedicated and skilled craftsman that believes no amount of pain, suffering, self-sacrifice, dedication or money is too great a price to pay when it comes to building you a boat that dominates the rough water. They can boast by offering you a track record of having more wins than the world's largest boat builders combined.

Imagine. Do I have your attention now? Envision yourself flying along the top of a beautiful crystal blue lake on a craft that also dominates smooth water competitions. Fountain power boats have also broken their own world V-bottoms speed record seven times and they currently hold every twin-engine V-bottom world record. Now you can see why this boat deserves your serious perusal.Fountain power boats have your boat no matter what type of craft you prefer. Choose from sport boats, fishing boats, cruisers, defense boats, and of course, the world famous line of race boats.

Picture yourself on a dazzling lake with a 47-foot long sport boat. Yes, they make one this long! It will utilize the latest Super Ventilated Positive Lift Hull design technology along with pad keels and set-back transoms. Here is a link for more great info on this tremendous V-bottom boat:

If you're not a racing enthusiast but just looking for the ultimate in a fishing boat, their fountain power boats can offer you the finest crafts available ranging in size from 23' to 38'. Once again, they can offer you a world-class boat that has won the Southern Kingfish World Championships 5 times in a row, and they currently dominate the American Striper Association. If you're a tournament fisherman, you will go fishing and dominate the blue water tournament scene with confidence in this superior boat, knowing that there is none built better. After all, fountain power boats have been building the best in the business since the late 80's. For a great link on how you can enjoy fishing with more confidence follow: http://inflatable-boats-kayak-supplies.

com/200-fountain-power-boats.html .Imagine the stability and confidence you will enjoy whether it is fishing or competing on the world racing circuit. Fountain power boats can offer you all of this and more.


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By: Terry Price


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