Free Basketball Picks

Free Basketball Pick #1.
Grizzlies @ Pistons: It was a double-OT game the previous time Memphis and Detroit met up. This is a great defensive face-off. While the point tally may not be that high, it's sure to be close.

No Damon Stoudemire this time around for the Grizzlies who had a big 20-pt game. Bobby Jackson will have to step up. Predicted Score: Detroit wins 85-82.Free Basketball Pick #2.
Suns @ Hawks: Joe Johnson meets up with the Suns for the first time this year.

He's getting exactly what he wanted: a big contract with nilch chance to win. Boris Diaw was just a throw-in for the Suns in the Johnson trade yet he's played phenomenally in Phoenix. This game will probably not be as high scoring as most people anticipate and it will be closer than most people believe. Predicted Score: Phoenix wins 103-99.

Free Basketball Pick #3.
Heat @ Bobcats: Premo Brezoc isn't the first guy you want to be guarding Shaq. Dwayne Wade is sure to have a great game with little to oppose him. The Bobcats just don't come into this game without talent to compete. They play hard when they're healthy, but that's been scarce lately.

Predicted Score: Miami wins 95-80.

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By: David Pincus


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