How to be an Impact Player

As a high school softball coach, I believe every player can be an "impact player". You may be thinking how can that be? Not everyone is an all-star. Not everyone is an ace pitcher or an All-State running back. That's true.

But every player has a role. Every player contributes in some way. Every player should have an "impact" on the team.But what about the "junk" players? .I know for a fact that even the weakest players on a team can positively affect teammates.

While they may never get the game winning hit or the basket at the buzzer, they still contribute to the team's success. How is that? Most times their contribution is hard work and a positive attitude. Wouldn't you agree that back-up players that work hard in practice push the starters in front of them? They keep starters on their toes and keep them performing at an optimal level. Starters can get discouraged during a game. A positive attitude on the bench helps them bounce back faster and get back on track mentally. A starting line-up can get deflated and stay that way without a bench to support them and pick them back up.

That's why I believe that every player is essential. Everyone's role is important and vital to the success of the team, no matter how big or how small.Where do I start? .

First, figure out what it is that you contribute to the team. It doesn't always have to be an "on the field" or "on the court" thing. But before you can go any further you need to identify one way you contribute most to your team. Once you do that, set out to be the best on your team at that one thing.

This doesn't mean that you slack in other areas, but make it a point to be the "team leader" in at least this one area.Start small if you have to. It can be as simple as being the best in attendance or being the best at showing up on time every day. Or you can challenge yourself and decide you're going to lead the team in a certain statistic (i.e.

rebounds, scoring, receiving, batting average, etc). Choose something and make it a focus when you train. Again, don't let down in other areas, but train to be the best at something. Then feel free to add to it, revise it, or modify it as the season goes on. You may find that you're more of an "impact" player than you thought. You may not always get your name in the paper.

You many not have DI schools knocking on your door, but your team wouldn't be the same without you.Your Choice .Just like anything else in life, you have a choice. You can choose to be an impact player and make a difference on your team. Or you can be the "weak link" on the team that everyone else has to "make up" for. The choice is yours.

Choose to be an impact player.

.Written by Stacie Mahoe
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By: Stacie Mahoe


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