Mainstream Kayak

When you purchase a mainstream kayak you are going to have greater confidence when you venture out on your favorite piece of water knowing that you purchased a quality craft that will add value and enjoyment to your kayaking experience. Mainstream kayak has its headquarters in Greenville, South Carolina, but you don't have to drive or walk too far to find a merchant that offers this great craft. Due to it's great popularity you will find many locations that sell boats to first time paddlers every year. Watermark is the world's largest paddle sports company and sells the Mainstream kayak.

If you have thought of or maybe just dreamed of owning an affordable kayak for many years, this one is certainly worth the look. With a team of designers that love and enjoy using kayaks themselves, you can see why this is the chosen favorite by many first timers!.Mainstream realizes that simplicity is what counts when it comes to first time paddlers and they have a motto that says, " just grab a paddle and go"! Kayaking is not rocket science but you are encouraged to do some reading and visit some retailers. You might even rent one first to see if you are going to enjoy the sport before investing in one.

Mainstream kayak has 3 types of boats for you to consider. Of course, you will find your traditional sit-inside kayaks, sit-on-top kayaks as well as your complete line of awesome sports series kayaks. Here is a mainstream kayak information resource that should help you as a first time purchaser to make a more informed kayak purchase:

In their sit-inside-kayaks, you will find 6 great models in some awesome colors as well! All offer simple open cockpit designs that can provide you safety and stability, which is important for first-time paddlers. In their sit-on-top kayaks, they offer you 7 great models, again in an awesome color scheme with a well thought out design when it comes to stability and protection for you as the operator. Their sportsman series is made of pine and/or camouflage material.

Mainstream kayak offers 3 separate models in this special category. These models offer molded-in seats with high-back adjustable supports and some great carrying handles. From beginner to advanced models you will also love how portable they are. With a weight of 40 pounds, they are easy for you to handle when it comes to portaging through the bush.

For more info on mainstream kayak, have a look at this great link:

.By Terry Price- Remember to visit http://www. for other great articles on mainstream kayak and information to help you make an informed decision on boats or boating for you and your family.

By: Terry Price


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