Squash Rackets Why Play The Game

Tennis players ask "Why do people play squash?". Here are a few ideas.It is easy to start.

With basic racket and ball skills 2 people can walk onto a squash court and begin. All you do is hit the ball onto the front wall. Each player can return the ball by hitting on the volley (no bounce) or after one bounce. If the ball bounces twice the player loses the rally.After playing a few times, instead of just keeping the ball going, the competition begins.

The aim is to hit the ball away from your opponent, to make him run. It is not unusual for both players to walk into the changing room covered in sweat. They may have played a match lasting well over 45 minutes, declaring that he won by just one point.

Squash is fiercely competitive. There is one opponent and you are on your own. When you get tired, some play tricks, by walking slowly to their side.

But in the end, you win or lose by your own efforts.Why do most play squash? It keeps them active and fit. There is the opportunity of beating someone (and the risk of losing). It is cheap. One racket, ball and a pair of sports shoes. If all else fails, you both retire to the bar for a swift drink to discuss the "lucky shot" that lost the match for you.

The discussion could take hours.

.Derek Thorpe Herts Squash Player http://www.Herts-Squash.org.uk


By: Derek Thorpe


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