Summer Camps

Summer camps are the one thing that kids look forward to all year long. When they are sitting in school daydreaming about something else it is summer camp that is monopolizing their minds. Why do they dream about summer camp? The answer is simple and it is the same as when we were children. Summer camp is an escape from reality. All of the activities that your family did not have the time to do, knowledge to do and money to do were able to be done everyday of the week as much as you want.

Horseback riding, camping, hiking, rowing, sailing, archery, and the list goes on. The thing that the parents love about summer camp is that it gives them an opportunity to have something that they have not likely had all year long and that is peace and quiet and time to themselves. Summer camp is the greatest solution for everyone's dilemmas. Summer camp is a blast and there is no doubt but the one thing that cannot be forgotten is that you have to be safe while there.

This article is about some basic summer camp safety tips. These tips apply to more than summer camp so feel free to abide by them in everyday life as well.When doing activities like bike riding or scooter riding or any other summer camp activity that could cause harm be sure to wear a helmet.

Summer camp studies show that helmets greatly reduce the injury possibilities when worn during dangerous activities.Pool alarms and door alarms around summer camp pools should be put into place. A child whether they can swim or mot should not be allowed or capable of getting into the pool without an adult present.Summer camps love to grill out because it is such a summer type of activity. The key to summer camp grilling is to be safe.

Do not attempt to grill indoors under any circumstances. The grill emits dangerous fumes and can even cause a fire in the structure. Keep a fire extinguisher with you at all times.

Actually since fires can occur at a number of areas at summer camps have one accessible at all times around the camp.Playground safety at summer camps should be a priority since many children fall while playing on the jungle gym. The summer camps around the country should pay particular attention to putting down a material that will cushion the child if they should fall from the gym.The last area where children at summer camps all over get injured is on the trampoline. The springs on the outskirts of the trampoline are dangerous when exposed.

The summer camps should be sure that they place a shock absorbing mat over the springs so that in case a child bounces too close they will remain safe.Summer camps are a fun and enjoyable time in our youth and we should continue to keep the tradition going. Just as we focus on safety while our children are home we should ensure that while at summer camp the camp itself is ensuring the same safety levels at all times while children are involved in summer camp and on their premises.

Have fun as we spin up for the best times of our children's lives, summer camp. Have a safe and happy summer camp experience.

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By: Jason Montag


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