Tent Poles

Tent poles are the primary support material for most tents. Wood has been the material traditionally used for such poles. However, over the years, aluminum and fiberglass have emerged as the most sought after material for the poles. These poles are not only stronger than wood, they also come with a cheaper price tag and seem to be ideal for the average American consumer.

Plastic poles are also widely available. But they should be avoided since most of them tend to become brittle with time. A valid point about metal tent poles should also be remembered. Although they are currently the toughest tent pole material available, there are some who feel that they may prove to be dangerous if lightning strikes. However, there are others who say that metal poles cannot be a death threat unless one decides to pitch a very high tent and ends up having the highest tent with a metal pole in the vicinity.

Another point to be noted is that tent pole finishing can sometimes prove to be tricky business. Some tent pole manufacturers deliver unfinished tent poles to help the buyer customize it for himself. In such cases, tent pole finishing must be carefully done to reap the maximum possible benefit.

Ordering tent poles is usually a smooth affair. The manufacturer or the seller will just want to know the exact pole length that a buyer wants. Other minute details will usually be comprehended by any manufacturer worth his salt.

Tent pole installation is no hard job either. Most tent poles these days have push buttons in order to make the necessary adjustments according to the height and width of the tent. User manuals should be effectively followed in order to relieve too much stress on the center pole. The durability of tent poles, in many cases, depends on correct installation. Although most tent poles are extremely long lasting, to buy a tent-pole-repair-kit and keeping it handy is a safe option.

The bottom line remains that tent poles are mostly an indispensable accessory in case of tents that require additional support. It is for potential buyers to remember that tent poles provide a perfect look of balance and stability that add to the beauty of a tent.

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By: Peter Emerson


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