The Fish Tank

The Fish Tank of Miami, the premiere Aqua Marine organization in the NFL has gone AWOL. They are choosing the wrong types of players for their team. Last year it was Ricky "The Hemp Williams" who left the Dolphins in 2004 to pursue a life of marijuana smoking.Williams later had a change of heart and asked to return to the Dolphins.

The Dolphins agreed. Shame on the Dolphins. Why would they take a chance with a proven pot head?.Williams allegedly tested positive for a drug other then marijuana recently according league sources (

Well that wasn't a huge shock.Now the Fish Tank traded for another damaged good. Yes folks, his name is Dante "Captain of the Seas" Culpepper. Dante started the 2005 season in terrible fashion. He played terribly and made rookie like mistakes. Then the "Captain" took part in the infamous Cruisegate scandal.

If that wasn't enough he tore his knee in four places and had to sit out the remainder of the 2005 season.The Vikings actually started winning without the "Captain" Why would the Dolphins take a chance on a mediocre quarterback who is coming off a severe knee injury? The only thing I can come up with is that the Fish Tank loves degenerates. I guess they feel that he would be a good compliment for the "Hemp".Ricky Williams can provide the weed and Culpepper can provide the lap dances. That will surely put a smile on all the Dolphins faces. This organization is looking more like the Betty Ford Clinic then an NFL franchise.

I think the only thing missing from their lineup is Terrell "Terribly Obnoxious" Owens. Terrell has a poor work ethic, hates authority and believes that the world owes him something. T.

O. would find a happy home in Miami and have at least two more degenerates to hang out with.The Fish Tank used to be a respected organization.

Remember the days of Dan Marino and Don Shula? Those were the days. Now the Dolphins have become the brokers of unwanted laundry type players that other NFL teams have given up on.The Dolphins have become a joke in my opinion.

They lack class and dignity and I'm questioning if they even have self respect. It's never too late for an organization to change. We'll have to see if the Dolphins have the desire to be a respectful NFL organization again.

.Anthony B.

is the founder and owner of a news, political and sports commentary website.Anthony has over 7 years of experience as a business professional.http://www.ItsTheRightWay.


By: Anthony Bloch


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