Wilson Basketballs

After Spalding, Wilson is perhaps the most trusted name when it comes to basketballs. Wilson basketballs are endorsed by the NCAA and the Women's NCAA. The main Wilson basketball series are the official NCAA, Evolution, Solution, and Collegiate.

Wilson basketballs are usually made of composite leather, with butyl bladders. The composite leather surface absorbs moisture from sweaty palms, so the ball does not slip from the fingers during play. The air-filled butyl bladder is durable and gives the ball a smooth bounce. Deep channels and wide grooves help the fingers "dig in" properly, ensuring a good grip.

The Evolution series is available in both men and women's size. It is officially endorsed by Canada's Basketball Ontario. Evolution is an indoor ball, meant for play only on smooth indoor courts. It has composite leather cover and core made of a mix of sponge and butyl rubber.

The bladder is of butyl rubber. The Evolution series is popular for the deep channels on the surface of the basketball that help grip. It is retailed by websites like HitRunScore.

com and costs around $40.The Wilson Solution series has a composite leather shell and wide channels. The core is made of sponge and butyl rubber that makes the ball soft. The Solution series is very similar to the Evolution series.The Wilson official NCAA and WNCAA game basketballs are suitable both for outdoor and indoor play. HitRunScore.

com sells the official size 7 ball for $50 and ships in 1-5 days.The Wilson Collegiate basketball has composite leather shell, with butyl and natural rubber core. The bladder is of synthetic rubber. It is sold for $15 through websites like AthleticsGalore.com.

The Wilson Mini Autograph basketballs are also popular. The autograph ball is an offshoot of the official NCAA basketball, with 6 smooth, non-grooved panels for taking autographs. It is imprinted with the official NCAA logo.All the Wilson series basketballs are popular since they fulfill the varying requirements of basketball lovers and are perfect for play.

.Basketballs provides detailed information about basketballs, imprinted basketballs, and more. Basketballs is affiliated with Hockey Goalie Equipment.

By: Eddie Tobey


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